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Broda’s unique line of tilt-in-space positioning chairs has been improving people’s lives for more than 35 years. Broda’s durable medical equipment by MITY Inc. provides long-term care for patients with the highest level of comfort, resulting in the highest quality of life. For some, having the appropriate type of chair or wheelchair means relief from chronic pain, for others, it’s maintaining independence, and in many cases, it means getting out of bed for the first time in months to engage in their surroundings. 

Since 1981, our patented product’s Comfort Tension Seating® system has allowed for proper heat and moisture exchange helping to prevent skin breakdown. Broda continues to innovate and currently manufactures a complete fleet of tilt-in-space positioning, mobility, rehab and other chairs for long-term care patients. Whether you work for a hospital, hospice, nursing home, assisted living facility or have a loved one receiving care – you will see the difference one of Broda’s chairs or wheelchairs can make.

Comfort is Essential;

and when it comes to long-term care;

Make Sure It’s a Broda


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Broda Office Location: 15455 Conway Rd Suite 200, Chesterfield, MO 63017, USA

Broda Manufacturing Location: 560 Bingemans Centre Dr, Kitchener, ON N2B 3X9, Canada

MITY Inc. Office Location: 1301 400 N, Orem, UT 84057, USA

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We are Broda, a division of MITY Inc. and a leading provider of durable medical equipment for long-term care facilities in North America. Broda provides a clinically relevant line of tilt-in-space positioning, mobility, rehab chairs and other seating solutions that have been improving people’s lives for more than 35 years.

Our MITY Core Values

  • The overall welfare of our employees
  • Being an upstanding community citizen
  • Having accountability in all that we do
  • Having honest, positive and productive relations with our vendors
  • Exhibit a culture of integrity and ethical behavior in all that we do
  • Making our workplace & environment a happy and healthy one
  • Consistent growth and profit performance.
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