Comfort Tension Seating to Help Prevent Pressure Ulcers

For wheelchair bound residents, pressure ulcers can be a huge source of discomfort. Pressure ulcers are the result of prolonged exposure of the skin to a harder surface. What happens is that pressure reduces the blood supply to that area of the body, resulting in damaged tissue...

Keep Safety First by Mitigating Fall Risks with BRODA Seating

Most anyone who has worked in a clinical or care environment knows how serious falls can be. Falls can happen for a range of different reasons in a care setting — including physical weakness, old age, poor eyesight, drug side effects, and obstacles in the patient’s environment...

BRODA app for Maximum Comfort in Hospice Care

Hospice care is a model for quality care with a focus on providing comfort for individuals facing a life-limiting illness or injury. Hospice care usually employs an interdisciplinary team to provide medical care, pain management, and emotional/spiritual support...

Fall Risk Prevention for Geriatric Care

Geriatric care is care that is specially tailored to the unique needs of the elderly population. Elderly patients have a unique set of medical needs – including inability to walk, dementia, weak bones, and poor eyesight. One of the largest difficulties in geriatric care is mitigating fall risks...

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