BRODA understands the unique needs of long term care patents and their caregivers. Established in 1981, BRODA provides the highest level in comfort and durability to provide the highest quality of care.


BRODA chairs are designed to provide long term pressure redistribution and positioning for those who rely on others for their care. We offer a variety of seating to accommodate a range of needs from those who have mobility to those who require higher levels care, as well as shower commode needs. BRODA’s unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides pressure redistribution and air flow for increased sitting comfort and support.


BRODA products can help with:   

Skin Integrity issues

Alzheimer’s, Dementia



Multiple Sclerosis

Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Knee Contractures.

We offer a variety of resources to help guide you in making the appropriate product choices for your loved one. We take great pride in the service we provide through our network of DME Providers and Distributors as well as through our Customer Care staff at BRODA.


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