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Paul was a 54 year-old male who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for about 20 years. He had been institutionalized in a long-term care facility for about 10 years, and had declined to the point of near-immobility. Paul had short-term memory loss but was very social. At on time, he had been the hallway “ambassador” for his unit, greeting people as they entered. He had attended almost every social activity and outing.

Paul’s condition declined to the point where he required a mechanical lift for transfers. He was unable to propel his wheelchair. His skin integrity was so fragile that the decision was made by nursing that he could only get out of bed for one meal every other day: any more time spent in his wheelchair would result in a pressure sore.

Paul’s social interactions were extremely limited, and he resorted to hollering out at people as they walked by his room or pushing his call button frequently to attain social contact. He was unable to feed himself while semi-reclined in bed, and had begun to choke on his food. In one episode his choking was so severe that he became cyanotic and was sent to the emergency room. The nursing staff obtained an OT consult, specifically requesting a Broda chair. Although Paul had been unable to propel a standard wheelchair, it was felt that he would be able to propel a Broda chair, which moves with less effort. Therefore, the chair was ordered with big wheels as well as a basic padding package. Paul got his “Cadillac”, as he called it.

The result of having this chair was that Paul was able to be out of bed for meals every day without skin breakdown. He was able to sit in the hallway and socialize, rather than be confined to his bed, sometimes facing away from the door. He was able to resume feeding himself because he had the strength to do so while sitting upright, and he was able to go off of his unit for social activities. Paul’s breathing improved, outlook improved, and the staff was less frustrated. Paul was even able to propel his wheelchair about 50 feet, using airline tubing wrapped around the push rims to improve his grip function.

“What a difference now that Mom is safe and comfortable. It gives me peace of mind to know that she is sitting in on of Broda's chairs. My only regret is that I did not get this chair sooner for her.”

Bill L., Family Member ; fmr. Executive Director of Canadian Assistive Devices Association |Toronto, ON

"My mother has osteoporosis and arthritis with muscle weakness and bone and joint discomfort- Since she received this new Latitude Pedal Rocker she has total comfort and less anxiety with increased mobility with the hopes of muscle and bone strengthening as she lost her ability to ambulate more than a few steps on her good days these last few months. She is legally blind seeing only light and dark these last 2 years. She just celebrated her 96th birthday and lived alone until age 93-This chair has met her very important needs of comfort, safety, strengthening, mobility."

Elaine R., Family Member |WI, USA

"We were at a loss with one of our residents who has frontal lobe dementia. He had trunk lean, stopped feeding himself and appeared to be in pain. We attempted to address the pain; however, any medication we used caused him to have increased behaviors. Since using Broda's Synthesis Tilt Recliner, he has been feeding himself, he smiles and laughs like he used to and is showing no signs of pain anymore. Thank you for producing a great product that brings the quality of life back to our residents!"

Kelly J., Director of Nursing |Sister Bay, WI

"Prior to using Broda's Elite Tilt Recliner, there were issues with safety for getting the resident out of the chair, safety for staff lifting her in, either manual/mechanical; comfort, keeping her in the chair, inability to get her body over the sides.

The chair sides raise to prevent her from throwing her legs/body over the sides; same with the extra padding along her leg area that is raised. The tilt puts her buttock in a comfortable position, but also makes it extremely difficult to push out. The chair sides also swing out to assist with ease of the mechanical tilt.

Broda's chair has given her a reason to want to get up and she enjoys her chair now. When we are using the mechanical lift she remains calm because she wants to get in it and will stay longer safely and comfortably! Staff can safely lift and position her without worrying about injuring themselves."

J. C., Unit Manager, RN |Campobello Island, NB

“There are many excellent features on Broda’s chairs and the best way to start to help you clients is to begin building a relationship with this company. For the right client, Broda’s chairs are the perfect solution.”

Richard W., OTR/L, ATP |New York, USA