How To Order

When completing the process of requesting reimbursement through government organizations like Medicare or ADP and/or funding of any kind through an insurance provider, it is important to remember that all reimbursement/funding of any kind is provided on a case by case basis and is dependent upon proof of medical necessity and supporting documentation.

The guidelines and regulations regarding coverage for items such as DME/MAE are updated often. It is important that you validate all information you are provided each time you begin to process a claim for coverage. Validating the information with the insurance provider can save you valuable time during the claim process.

The information provided in this reference guide will focus on the process/requirements for submitting a claim when seeking reimbursement/coverage for a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are considered Durable Medical Equipment (DME)/ Mobility Assistive Equipment (MAE) and will be referenced as such throughout this guide.

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