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Encore Lake Small Encore No Brackets Front Small
Encore Mobility Wheelchairs comes standard with Comfort Tension Seating® , mag wheels, a short back and universal legrest mounts with dynamic rocking optional. The Encore Pedal Rocker comes standard with Comfort Tension Seating®, castors, universal legrest mounts and dynamic rocking. The Encore Pedal Chair comes standard with Comfort Tension Seating®, castors and universal legrest mounts.



The tilt-in-space features allow for maximum control over a patient’s position, while the rocking function creates contentment.


With our proprietary Comfort Tension Seating®, users will experience increased support, pressure redistribution, and sitting tolerance.


Mix and match frame colors, fabric patterns, and accessories to find the perfect chair for your style. Customization is easy with Broda.


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