Comfort-Tilt Manual Wheelchair (587)

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HCPCS Code: E1161*

Now Available in 22" Seat Width! The Comfort-Tilt Manual Wheelchair, (587) is designed with exceptional durability and functionality, is the ideal tilt in space wheelchair!
With up to 45° of infinitely adjustable seat tilt, the Comfort-Tilt provides a smooth, relaxed tilt for gentle repositioning.
A sleek frame design allows for quick and easy adjustments of seat depth, seat height, back angle, and mag wheel positioning to efficiently accommodate a variety of needs.
The Comfort-Tilt provides exceptional versatility by accommodating various wheelchair seating, backs, and accessories.

Seat cushion, back and headrest not included.

Ideal for:

- Improved posture, breathing, feeding and overall comfort
- Fall prevention
- Encouraging independence and mobility

Recommended for:

• Corrective positioning
• On-going changing needs

*HCPCS codes supplied are for reference only and do not ensure coverage or payment. The HCPCS provided are based on our interpretation of the code definitions. HCPCS codes are not intended to be, nor should be considered billing or legal advise. Providers are responsible for determining the appropriate billing codes when submitting claims to the Medicare Program and should consult an attorney or other advisor to discuss specific situations in further detail.
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US MSRP: 2,000

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Padding & Wheel Options


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US MSRP: 2,000



Standard Features:

16" or 18" Seat Width

16" to 20" Seat Depth (1" increments)

14" to 19" Seat Height (various increments)

5°, 10°, 15° or 20° Back Cane Angle

Padded Side Panels

Solid Seat Pan

45° tilt in space

5", 6" or 8" Front Casters

20", 22", 24" Rear Mag Wheels

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

Popular Accessories:

Tray (18" and 20")

Tray (16")

Clear Tray (18" and 20")

Padded Tray Cover

Foot Board

Leg Rest Panel

Leg and Foot Board

Seat Belt

IV Pole

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How is a BRODA chair different than a Geri chair?

BRODA chairs offer unsurpassed pressure redistribution with our Comfort Tension Seating®. Helping to prevent pressure sores, the long term comfort of a BRODA chair is like no other!

Infinitely adjustable tilt and recline provide superior positioning, helping to prevent slumping, sliding and falls

BRODA chairs offer incredible versatility and positioning unlike a geri-chair, such as

adjustable arm height, shoulder bolsters, legrest length, as well as removable arms, independent elevating legrest and more!



Are BRODA chairs expensive?

BRODA chairs are actually very affordable and offer incredible value!

Aiding in:   Pressure sore prevention

                 Fall prevention

                 Staff and resident injury prevention

                 Reducing time and cost of caregiver burden

                 Improving resident comfort and overall behavior

                 Cost savings with unsurpassed durability


            You can’t afford NOT to have BRODA in your facility!



Are BRODA chairs only for a specific type of user?

BRODA offers a variety of seating for various types of users: From Mobility chairs, Shower Commode, Tilt and Recline Positioning, Gliders to Bariatric, our chairs solve a wide variety of issues in Skilled Nursing, Hospice, Hospitals and More!



When would I use a BRODA chair?

BRODA chairs are used for a variety of needs beyond corrective positioning. A BRODA chair can be used for every day seating challenges as well as for difficult seating challenges. 
The key is Prevention!  (see Conditions

Many BRODA users have changed from:
      When all else Fails…” to… “We solved the problem immediately AND cost effectively with a BRODA!”

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