Latitude Pedal Rocker (48R)

NEW! Black Frame Option and Espresso Vinyl (Shown Left)

The Latitude Pedal Rocker, model 48R, provides exceptional comfort and is ergonomically designed to encourage self-mobility for individuals requiring long term care. It creates a calming, soothing effect for agitated individuals, through gentle rocking. BRODA’s unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides pressure redistribution and air flow for increased sitting comfort and support.

Featuring up to 18° of infinitely adjustable seat tilt (up to 33° when using both tilt and rocking function together), the Latitude Pedal Rocker provides safe and comfortable positioning without the use of restraints. Our front pivot seat tilt helps maintain the user’s foot on floor position for safe self-propelling while tilted. (Adjustable seat to floor height from 14” – 19” accommodates both short and tall users)

Offering excellent benefits for both patients and caregivers, the Latitude Pedal Rocker is ideal for:

- Promoting independence and mild exercise - a safe and stable alternative to an indoor wheelchair
- Fall prevention
- Improved posture, feeding, breathing and overall comfort

Recommended for:

• Individuals who are transitioning from independent ambulation to an assistive device while maximizing mobility and independence.
• Individuals requiring Low to Moderate levels of nursing care.
• Alzheimer's/Dementia users who may like to rock or are agitated and have a tendency to wander- Good for Alzheimer’s/Dementia wards within a facility.

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US MSRP: 2,122



Standard Features:

  • BRODA Comfort Tension Seating®
  • 16 Gauge Powder Coated Tubular Steel
  • 16", 18" or 20" Seat Width
  • 17" or 18.5" Seat Depth
  • 32" Back Height
  • 14" to 19" Seat Height (1" increments)
  • Height Adjustable Armrests
  • 18° Infinitely Adjustable Tilt
  • Up to 33° of Tilt when Combined with Rocking
  • Rocking Function with Caregiver Lock
  • Adjustable Rocking Tension
  • 2 x 5" Front Total-Lock Casters
  • 2 x 5" Rear Fixed Casters with Brakes

Standard Padding Includes:

  • Neckrest Pad
  • Lower Side Pads 
  • Shoulder Bolsters 
  • Seat and Back Pad with Terry Cloth
  • or Vinyl Covers 


Weight Capacity: 250lbs

Popular Accessories:

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Customer Reviews

She loves the chair!!! Review by Nina
I just spoke with the Therapist at the facility. She loves the chair!!! I asked if the patient is still rearing back and she said not as much. She said he used to do it every day after breakfast and dinner. She just checked on him and he is sleeping comfortably in his chair. I also asked what the differences were between the first and the second chair. Her response was "The mag wheels and having it come to them already adjusted to the patient’s needs."

Thank you,
Nina Miller
(Posted on 4/30/14)
..the resident has now been walking again Review by Kelly
We were at a loss with one of our residents who has frontal lobe dementia. OT was unable to adjust his wheelchair properly to accommodate for his trunk lean he had been exhibiting. He had stopped walking and was discharged from restorative. He also had stopped feeding himself. He appeared to be in pain. We attempted to address the pain however any medication we used caused him to have increased behaviors. We knew this was all caused by the positioning in the wheelchair he was in. OT finally called a Broda rep and they came up to fit the resident with a new wheelchair. Since then, the resident has now been walking again. He is feeding himself. He smiles and laughs like he used to. He is showing no signs of pain anymore. Thank you for producing a great product that brings quality of life back to our residents!

Kelly J., DON
Sister Bay, WI.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Since she received this new Broda Pedal Rocker she has total comfort and less anxiety Review by Elaine
My mother has osteoporosis and arthritis with muscle weakness and bone and joint discomfort- Since she received this new Broda Pedal Rocker she has total comfort and less anxiety with increased mobility with the hopes of muscle and bone strengthening as she lost her ability to ambulate more than a few steps on her good days these last few months. She is legally blind seeing only light and dark these last 2 years. She just celebrated her 96th birthday and lived alone until age 93-This chair has met her very important needs of comfort, safety, strengthening, mobility.

Elaine R
(Posted on 4/30/14)




How is a BRODA chair different than a Geri chair?

BRODA chairs offer unsurpassed pressure redistribution with our Comfort Tension Seating®. Helping to prevent pressure sores, the long term comfort of a BRODA chair is like no other!

Infinitely adjustable tilt and recline provide superior positioning, helping to prevent slumping, sliding and falls

BRODA chairs offer incredible versatility and positioning unlike a geri-chair, such as

adjustable arm height, shoulder bolsters, legrest length, as well as removable arms, independent elevating legrest and more!



Are BRODA chairs expensive?

BRODA chairs are actually very affordable and offer incredible value!

Aiding in:   Pressure sore prevention

                 Fall prevention

                 Staff and resident injury prevention

                 Reducing time and cost of caregiver burden

                 Improving resident comfort and overall behavior

                 Cost savings with unsurpassed durability


            You can’t afford NOT to have BRODA in your facility!



Are BRODA chairs only for a specific type of user?

BRODA offers a variety of seating for various types of users: From Mobility chairs, Shower Commode, Tilt and Recline Positioning, Gliders to Bariatric, our chairs solve a wide variety of issues in Skilled Nursing, Hospice, Hospitals and More!



When would I use a BRODA chair?

BRODA chairs are used for a variety of needs beyond corrective positioning. A BRODA chair can be used for every day seating challenges as well as for difficult seating challenges. 
The key is Prevention!  (see Conditions

Many BRODA users have changed from:
      When all else Fails…” to… “We solved the problem immediately AND cost effectively with a BRODA!”

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