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Criteria for Pressure Reduction with the Comfort Tension Seating system

Individuals who present with one or more of the following conditions:


A. At risk of skin break down or decreased skin integrity


B. History of Decubitus Ulcers and/or other types of pressure wounds

The Comfort Tension Seating prevents the bottoming out effect which occurs with standard wheelchair seating surfaces. Each strap conforms individually to the person’s body, thus suspending the weight of the person across multiple points. Pressure distribution of the individual’s weight more evenly greatly reduces the amount of pressure placed on any one area. The even distribution of the patient’s weight allows for decreased pressure and improved blood flow allowing for greater retention of tissue health which is vital for maintaining skin integrity. Our Comfort Tension Seating system also provides for enhanced airflow which aids in decreasing the buildup of heat and moisture as well as reducing the development of yeast and bacteria while improving seating comfort.

C. Outstanding bony prominence and/or musculoskeletal deformities/conditions

Each strap conforms individually to the patient and the amount of pressure they apply. Therefore, if a user presents with a bony prominence or condition such as having kyphosis or lordosis, the strap will conform to the pressure point instead of creating a higher pressure which occurs with standard wheelchair seats. For an even more significant reduction of stress, select straps may be removed or repositioned.

D. Sever Agitation due to or discomfort with typical wheelchair seating surfaces

The Comfort Tension Seating system provides a superior comfortable and less noxious feel than standard wheelchair seating surfaces. The strapping system disperses weight evenly providing a more comfortable seating surface. The straps are ideally firm enough to provide necessary support to encourage proper pelvic positioning helping to prevent tilting of the pelvis and *postural deviations.


E. Decreased Postural Stability and/or Control
F. Reduced Mobility in or Misalignment of Pelvis



Collectively, the straps provide an optimal cradling effect to a user’s pelvis, which assists with midline posture. The straps are ideally firm enough to provide necessary support to encourage proper pelvic positioning helping to prevent tilting of the pelvis and postural deviations. The strapping systems ability to give way and mold to the body dramatically decreases the amount of pressure placed on the pelvic region.

G. Involuntary and/or uncontrolled potentially harmful movements

The Comfort Tension Seating system is designed with smooth straps to cradle the patient while absorbing the energy produced by the movement of the patients. The straps ability to give way during episodic movements significantly decreases the potential for injuries associated with standard seating surfaces.

“There are many excellent features on Broda’s chairs and the best way to start to help you clients is to begin building a relationship with this company. For the right client, Broda’s chairs are the perfect solution.”

Richard W., OTR/L, ATP |New York, USA

"We were at a loss with one of our residents who has frontal lobe dementia. He had trunk lean, stopped feeding himself and appeared to be in pain. We attempted to address the pain; however, any medication we used caused him to have increased behaviors. Since using Broda's Synthesis Tilt Recliner, he has been feeding himself, he smiles and laughs like he used to and is showing no signs of pain anymore. Thank you for producing a great product that brings the quality of life back to our residents!"

Kelly J., Director of Nursing |Sister Bay, WI

"Our gliders [Tranquille Auto-Locking Gliders] are always disappearing out of our common areas and end up in our patients' rooms We don't know how they get there, but they love them and prefer sitting in them more than anything else. One patient with a back injury told us this was the only chair he could sit comfortably in. He wanted to take it home with him after his rehabilitation was complete."

Josiah D., Facility Administrator |Pocatello, ID

"Prior to using Broda's Elite Tilt Recliner, there were issues with safety for getting the resident out of the chair, safety for staff lifting her in, either manual/mechanical; comfort, keeping her in the chair, inability to get her body over the sides.

The chair sides raise to prevent her from throwing her legs/body over the sides; same with the extra padding along her leg area that is raised. The tilt puts her buttock in a comfortable position, but also makes it extremely difficult to push out. The chair sides also swing out to assist with ease of the mechanical tilt.

Broda's chair has given her a reason to want to get up and she enjoys her chair now. When we are using the mechanical lift she remains calm because she wants to get in it and will stay longer safely and comfortably! Staff can safely lift and position her without worrying about injuring themselves."

J. C., Unit Manager, RN |Campobello Island, NB

"My mother has osteoporosis and arthritis with muscle weakness and bone and joint discomfort- Since she received this new Latitude Pedal Rocker she has total comfort and less anxiety with increased mobility with the hopes of muscle and bone strengthening as she lost her ability to ambulate more than a few steps on her good days these last few months. She is legally blind seeing only light and dark these last 2 years. She just celebrated her 96th birthday and lived alone until age 93-This chair has met her very important needs of comfort, safety, strengthening, mobility."

Elaine R., Family Member |WI, USA