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Broda and our partners provide an ongoing series of educational webinars covering our products, industry and other topics. We also can provide personalized webinars based on your specific needs.


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Past Recorded:


The When, Why & How – Broda’s Additional Positioning Package (APP)

Sue Girolami, BSN, RN, WOCN will present a live and interactive walk-through of Broda’s APP. Broda’s APP is a modular seating system made with high specification foam and covered with 4-way stretch, breathable waterproof fabric, The APP is a no-maintenance, easy to use system that attaches quickly and securely to the Broda’s chairs and wheelchairs. The APP is available for Broda positioning and mobility chairs. Designed exclusively to work with Broda’s chairs and wheelchairs, the APP system helps optimize individual immersion, alignment and pressure redistribution by working in harmony with our Comfort Tension Seating®. Watch the webinar on-demand here.


Wound Care – Take The Pressure Off

Wounds are one of the most costly conditions to treat and one of the hardest to prevent. With the population growing in size and living longer, the treatment and prevention of wounds bed sores and pressure ulcers can become more challenging for care providers. Learn how Broda’s chairs and wheelchairs can help take the pressure off caregivers and lead to better patient outcomes, especially in long-term care settings. Watch the webinar on-demand here.


Safe Patient Handling – How Broda can help!

Safe patient handling can be challenging for many reasons and the equipment being used should not be one. Broda’s line of tilt-in-space positioning chairs and wheelchairs can aid in improving safe patient handling across multiple care settings. During our webinar, we will discuss how Broda’s industry-leading features and functionality can aid in improving safe patient handling, decreasing falls and preventing injury to both patient and caregiver. Watch the webinar on-demand here.

Survey Readiness Webinar

Understanding the complexities of Survey and the task of hitting an ever moving target, Broda has prepared a Survey Readiness Series that provides tips and tools needed to prepare you and your team for Survey. With valuable resources, guides and explanations, you will be able to provide clean, detailed explanations of need and justify the use of Broda’s chairs and wheelchairs in your facility. Watch the webinar on-demand here.

Fill out this form to request a customized webinar or if you have an idea for an upcoming topic of interest.

We have not had any skin breakdown with our residents in Broda's Elite Tilt Recliners since we started using them four years ago. We attribute this to the design of the straps allowing for moisture wicking as well as the ability to easily position recline position for pressure relief.

Jaclyn A., OTR/L Director of Occupational Therapy |New Hartford, NY

" My father, enlisted in the Air Force and trained as a machine gunner on B17’s during WWII. Photographs of the “Flying Fortress” grace the walls of his room in the Kansas Veterans' Home in Winfield, Kansas where he has been living for the past 6 years.

For the first 2 years in the Veterans’ Home, my father used a power wheelchair for mobility and independence. But at the age of 82, with advances in his Parkinson's and dementia, his power wheel chair was taken away for safety concerns. He was provided with a standard issue VA manual wheelchair with no tilt or recline. His posture in that chair was terrible ... he was very slumped over and leaning to the side. Even his breathing was limited as a result of his poor posture. All he could do was stare at the floor. It was so disheartening to see him this way. I would have to kneel on the floor to see him eye-to-eye due to his hunched posture from Parkinson's disease.

In a fortunate twist of fate, it was determined that my father was an ideal candidate for a chair from Broda. And as a vested veteran, he qualified for the VA to fund the chair. He has now had a Broda chair for over 4 years!

Since he's been in the chair from Broda we can now sit beside him on visits and look at each other face-to-face. Being able to tilt back in the chair and look upward, he can enjoy watching John Wayne westerns in the VA lounge. He can even use the Broda chair when he travels by transport for dental appointments. He can stay in his chair for the bus ride and in the office, since the chair can be tilted enough for the dentist to work on his teeth.

Broda's chair has been a blessing for my father, his caregivers and my family. The chair improves his quality of life and I can't imagine him not being in it over the past few years. We are fortunate that the VA will fund Broda chairs for Veterans like him who need them."

Kent P., Family Member

"Our gliders [Tranquille Auto-Locking Gliders] are always disappearing out of our common areas and end up in our patients' rooms We don't know how they get there, but they love them and prefer sitting in them more than anything else. One patient with a back injury told us this was the only chair he could sit comfortably in. He wanted to take it home with him after his rehabilitation was complete."

Josiah D., Facility Administrator |Pocatello, ID

"Broda chairs and wheelchairs make it easier for caregivers to provide optimal care with less stress on the client and the caregiver. For example, easier transfers, easier re-positioning, less maintenance, and easier mobility."

Carole P., MS/OTR |Easton, MD

"As a Social Worker in a long term care setting I want to ensure my residents have the ultimate in comfort. Upon actually getting to test one myself, I realize Broda is the ultimate in comfort for any geriatric population including ours. As the number of Broda's chairs grow, so does the comfort and improved skin integrity of our residents."

Colleen M., Social Worker |Brookfield, WI