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Broda offers tilt, recline and legrest adjustments that are operated by gas cylinders. The cylinders help to reduce the amount of lifting force required by caregivers, thus contributing to safe, frequent repositioning while reducing the risk of injury to the patient and caregiver.

Both the Synthesis Tilt Recliner and Midline Tilt Recliner provide a full recline position which allows individuals to rest in the chair and allows caregivers to change incontinence products while the individual remains in the chair.

The Synthesis Tilt Recliner and other Elite models have removable wings (upper supports) and swing away/removable arms, which allow for safe and effective slide transfers. The footrest flips up accommodating safe stand pivot transfers as well as allowing the use of patient lifts.

The legrest extends independently with the recline function of the Synthesis Tilt Recliner. The independent elevating legrest helps the individual maintain their position as they are being positioned and repositioned throughout the day.

Broda chairs work well with most mechanical lifts. When using the deep wedge infinitely adjustable seat tilt, you can accommodate various positioning needs. The combination of tilt and recline helps most flexion limitations and postural deviations such as but not limited to, slumping, sliding, falling forward, lateral lean and head drop.

Broda chairs provide supportive positioning through a combination of tilt, recline, adjustable legrest angle, wings with shoulder bolsters and height adjustable arms. Supportive positioning decreases postural deviations enhancing patient safety while facilitating safe, frequent repositioning throughout the day.

The Synthesis Transport Chair allows for safe occupant transport in an accessible vehicle with the ability to keep the individual in the same chair for care and transportation.

"Prior to the Broda chair [Synthesis Tilt Recliner], we had tried numerous positioning devices for the resident, which were ineffective. She had a tendency to lean forward and to one side. Once using the Broda chair [Synthesis Tilt Recliner], the resident's posture immediately improved. She, herself, was very thankful because she was "so comfortable". The staff couldn't believe the result. Besides this resident sitting in proper alignment, she could still self-propel with her feet."

Linda P., Restorative Coordinator |Joliet, IL

We have not had any skin breakdown with our residents in Broda's Elite Tilt Recliners since we started using them four years ago. We attribute this to the design of the straps allowing for moisture wicking as well as the ability to easily position recline position for pressure relief.

Jaclyn A., OTR/L Director of Occupational Therapy |New Hartford, NY

"We were at a loss with one of our residents who has frontal lobe dementia. He had trunk lean, stopped feeding himself and appeared to be in pain. We attempted to address the pain; however, any medication we used caused him to have increased behaviors. Since using Broda's Synthesis Tilt Recliner, he has been feeding himself, he smiles and laughs like he used to and is showing no signs of pain anymore. Thank you for producing a great product that brings the quality of life back to our residents!"

Kelly J., Director of Nursing |Sister Bay, WI

“There are many excellent features on Broda’s chairs and the best way to start to help your clients is to begin building a relationship with this company. For the right client, Broda’s chairs are the perfect solution.”

Richard W., OTR/L, ATP |New York, USA

"Our gliders [Tranquille Auto-Locking Gliders] are always disappearing out of our common areas and end up in our patients' rooms We don't know how they get there, but they love them and prefer sitting in them more than anything else. One patient with a back injury told us this was the only chair he could sit comfortably in. He wanted to take it home with him after his rehabilitation was complete."

Josiah D., Facility Administrator |Pocatello, ID