How To Order

All treatments, equipment, medications, etc. must be documented in the patient care plan before being given, placed or initiated. Healthcare facilities require written orders on their patients by Attending Physicians, Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners or other qualified care providers before the order/placement of medical equipment in that facility (such as a Broda chair!).

When to Use:

The benefits of Tilt-in-Space chairs are often medically necessary and prescribed;

1) To manage edema

2) To regulate spasticity

3) To decrease postural deviation

4) To realign posture and function

5) To improve transfer biomechanics

6) To prevent shear displacement (skin shearing)

7) To enhance visual orientation, speech, alertness, and arousal

8) For patients with range of motion limitations that prohibit a recline system

9) For accommodation and prevention of contractures and orthopedic deformities

10) To maintain a fixed seat to back angle for optimal positioning and pressure redistribution

11) For pressure redistribution that reduces the risk of pressure sores resulting in increased comfort and sitting tolerance

12) To improve physiological processes such as orthostatic hypotension, respiration, and bowel and bladder function


When Not to Use:

Caution should be taken with the use of Tilt and/or Recline when;

1) Using recline to position a patient as skin shearing can occur

2) The use of a Tilt-in-Space chair is not listed or indicated in the patients care plan

3) Adjusting/closing the back to seat angle to a point that it puts stress on the hip joints

4) The patient presents with a condition that may cause the use of Tilt-in-Space to become unsafe

5) An individual presents with an indwelling catheter as they may experience backflow of urine when using a tilt/recline system

6) An individual utilizes a leg bag or other type of collection device as leakage may occur when higher levels of tilt and/or recline are utilized

7) An individual regularly uses a tray to place items on. When tilted/reclined the items on the tray may slide off injuring the patient



“There are many excellent features on Broda’s chairs and the best way to start to help you clients is to begin building a relationship with this company. For the right client, Broda’s chairs are the perfect solution.”

Richard W., OTR/L, ATP |New York, USA

"Prior to using Broda's Elite Tilt Recliner, there were issues with safety for getting the resident out of the chair, safety for staff lifting her in, either manual/mechanical; comfort, keeping her in the chair, inability to get her body over the sides.

The chair sides raise to prevent her from throwing her legs/body over the sides; same with the extra padding along her leg area that is raised. The tilt puts her buttock in a comfortable position, but also makes it extremely difficult to push out. The chair sides also swing out to assist with ease of the mechanical tilt.

Broda's chair has given her a reason to want to get up and she enjoys her chair now. When we are using the mechanical lift she remains calm because she wants to get in it and will stay longer safely and comfortably! Staff can safely lift and position her without worrying about injuring themselves."

J. C., Unit Manager, RN |Campobello Island, NB

We have not had any skin breakdown with our residents in Broda's Elite Tilt Recliners since we started using them four years ago. We attribute this to the design of the straps allowing for moisture wicking as well as the ability to easily position recline position for pressure relief.

Jaclyn A., OTR/L Director of Occupational Therapy |New Hartford, NY

"As a Social Worker in a long term care setting I want to ensure my residents have the ultimate in comfort. Upon actually getting to test one myself, I realize Broda is the ultimate in comfort for any geriatric population including ours. As the number of Broda's chairs grow, so does the comfort and improved skin integrity of our residents."

Colleen M., Social Worker |Brookfield, WI

"The Broda Revive Tilt and Recline Shower Commode meets our patient's needs. He indicates he feels safe and his own care each morning. He is safe at all times while in the chair, and the caregivers are safe at all times while providing his care. All staff report being pleased with the commode and find it much easier to assist him."

Pam, Director of Nursing